Welcome to check on how to get into the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University. The application and admission procedures are quite different for domestic or international students as explained below. 

1. For Mainland Chinese students:

Check out the following files as your reference:

    Undergraduate Admission Brochure for students will take the College Entrance Examination

    Brochure for "三位一體" Admission for students will also take "三位一體" test 

Please contact the Undergrduate Program Office for the latest and detailed information:


    Tel: 0571-86915007

    Wechat: hdusos


2. For international students:

Check out the following file as your reference:

   HDU 2019 Application Guideline for Internatioanl Student and Programs and Application Form

Please contact the School of International Education and the International Office for the latest information.

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